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martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

How to whistle loudly


The inhabitants of La Gomera, the Canary islands, speak Silbo Gomero, a completely whistled language.

Learning to whistle loudly is not an esoteric skill, that can be mastered by only a few. The techniques are simple and can be easily mastered with practice and patience, by anybody. You can have a lot of fun in the process, of course.

A whistle is made possible by the resonant cavity created in the mouth and the forceful blowing of air through a very small opening, that creates turbulence. The turbulence creates friction, thus leading to the vibration of the air column, in the mouth. This creates sounds of different frequencies. This is similar to something that happens in a flute, where different lengths of resonant cavities are created, which give you different tones of music. 

Hobbies you can share with children

7 Great Hobbies That Can Be Shared With Children
Reading is a hobby that will improve a child's language and general knowledge to a great extent. Reading is one of the best hobbies that you and your child can share, the benefits of which will stay with him for a lifetime. You can read out books on varied subjects after taking into consideration your child's interests. In fact, encouraging your child to learn more about the topics he does not much care for, by reading stuff out to him, is an added advantage of sharing this hobby.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts are great ways to boost the creativity of your child. Drawing pictures, painting, carpentry, origami, etc., are some of the crafting techniques that a child may like. Knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, sewing or embroidery, are hobbies you can try out with your child, if you are good at any of them. Later on, once the child gets the hang of something, you can teach various types of stitches and patterns to master the techniques.


One of the most common physical exercise; introducing your child to any sport is a great idea. It inculcates sportsman spirit, teamwork, and a positive approach towards life. You can start by watching games on television or teaching the game yourself. Choose from swimming, tennis, badminton, cycling, martial arts, basketball, football, etc. This will also make sure that the child is physically fit, and playing something that is enjoyable.

Music and Dance
Singing or playing an instrument helps one relax. It soothes the nerves and calms the mind. Dance helps express one's feelings, and is a great way to relieve stress. These art forms are cherished and loved by many. If you know any of these, then introducing your child to the world of music and dance is a great idea. Even if you aren't much into music yourself, you can still get your child to learn an instrument, or sing, after taking stock of his or her preference and liking in music.


A child loves to play with pots and pans. We often find them imitating the behavior of adults in the kitchen. You can make this as a hobby by letting him help you in the kitchen. Shopping for the necessary ingredients will excite him too. To make it more fun, you can compete with each other or hold contests to cook or bake a particular dish. You will be surprised to see how quickly he learns the finer nuances of cooking.

Collection of Various Things

Collecting various souvenirs from the places you visit, or collecting stamps, coins, pictures, rare rocks, flowers, and seashells, are some common collections that kids like to gather. If you had the same hobby in your childhood, you can gift your collection to your child, so that he can go on to expand it further.


If you have a telescope and love stargazing, then it is an excellent hobby to share with your child. You can start by showing various celestial bodies like planets, satellites, meteors, and others. You can start by viewing the beauty of the night sky without binoculars or telescopes. You can point out the differences that appear during the various phases of the moon. Once you instill the love and curiosity to explore this new arena, your child will then drag you outside everyday to enjoy observing and appreciating the beauty of the various astronomical aspects in nature.